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  • Laikiklio komplektas

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    RAP-460-UN10U   tvirtinimas dideliems telefonams X-grip ant vairo

  • The RAM® Tough-Strap™ is lowest profile rugged mounting solution for any bike or motorcycle handbebars. With two different size straps, easily install the RAM® Tough-Strap™ on any mountain bike, road bike or e-bike with a simple twist of a knob. This RAM® Tough-Strap™ Handlebar Mounting kit utilizes the RAM® Pin-Lock™ system to secure the included Large RAM® X-Grip® for a low-profile fitting on your handlebar. The long strap is used for bar diameters ranging from 32-35mm while the short strap is used for diameters ranging from 22-25mm. Utilize the extra rubber strip to cut down to the diameter range of 25-28mm for a more custom fit. Take the low-profile RAM® Tough-Strap™ on your next adventure on and off the road.

    (1) X-Grip Phone Holder
    (1) #10-24 x 2" Hex Bolt
    (1) Long Strap
    (1) Short Strap
    (1) Long Rubber Strip
    (1) Short Rubber Strip
    (1) Tightening Knob
    (1) Tether

    Width Range: 44 - 114mm
    Depth Range: 22mm max

    22 - 35mm

    High strength composite