RigExpert AA-600

  • RigExpert AA-600

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    Radijo ryšio antenų analizatorius

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    RigExpert AA-600

    RigExpert AA-600, AA-1000 and AA-1400 are powerful antenna analyzer designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna feedlines.

    Graphical SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) and impedance, as well as Smith/polar chart displays are key features of this analyzer which significantly reduce the time required to adjust an antenna.

    Easy-to use measurement modes, as well as additional features such as connection to a personal computer make RigExpert AA-600, AA-1000 and AA-1400 attractive for professionals and hobbyists.

    AA-600, AA-1000 and AA-1400 are available in non-US version (with ability to display Smith chart) and US version (displaying a polar chart instead).

    The following tasks are easily accomplished by using these analyzers:

    • Rapid check-out of an antenna
    • Tuning an antenna to resonance
    • Antenna SWR and impedance measurement and comparison before and after specific event (rain, hurricane, etc.)
    • Making coaxial lines or measuring their parameters
    • Cable testing and fault location
    • Measuring capacitance or inductance of reactive loads

    Frequency range: 0.1 to 600 MHz

    Frequency entry: 1 kHz resolution

    Measurement for 25, 50, 75 and 100-Ohm systems

    SWR measurement range: 1 to 100 in numerical mode,
    1 to 10 in graph mode

    SWR display: numerical or easily-readable bar

    R and X range: 0…10000, -10000…10000 in numerical mode,
    0…1000, -1000…1000 in graph mode

    Display modes:
    –    SWR at single or multiple frequencies
    –    SWR, return loss, R, X, Z, L, C at single frequency
    –    SWR graph, 80 points
    –    R, X graph, 80 points
    –    Smith (or polar) chart, 80 points
    –    TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) graph

    Optional open-short-load calibration in SWR, R,X or Smith/polar chart graph modes.

    RF output:
    –    Connector type: N
    –    Output signal shape: square, 0.1 to 200 MHz. For higher frequencies, harmonics of the main signal are used.
    –    Output power: -10 dBm (at 50 Ohm load)

    –    Three 1.5V, alcaline batteries, type AA *
    –    Three 1.2V, 1800…3000 mAh, Ni-MH batteries, type AA
    –    Max. 3 hours of continuous measurement, max. 2 days in stand-by mode when fully charged batteries are used
    –    When the analyzer is connected to a PC or a DC adapter with USB socket, it takes power from these sources

    –    320×240 color TFT displaty
    –    6×3 keys on the water-proof keypad
    –    Multilingual menus and help screens
    –    USB connection to a personal computer

    Dimensions: 23x10x5.5 cm (9x4x2”)

    Operating temperature: 0…40 °C (32…104 °F)

    Weight: 650g (23 Oz)

    * Batteries are not included with the analyzer.